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11-08-2021 Buket Karataş created an open position Child development and training
18-04-2020 Hürkan Gökkaya shared a list to help people Top 10 Turkish yogurt brands
24-08-2020 Hürkan Gökkaya created an open position UNDP - Project Assistant for the Youth Center in Ankara
14-03-2021 Burcu Kıyar Gökkaya created an open position Project Coordinator – Refugee Response at UN Women
13-06-2021 Hürkan Gökkaya created an open position U.S. Consulate General Istanbul - Dispatcher - USD $11,848
02-09-2020 abdisamad ali gave a recommendation What are the apps you use for learning a language?
Open Positions
ESC Call Belgium 12 Months - Deadline 17 May 2020 Pi Youth Association Turkey 08-05-2020 Shared by: Hürkan Gökkaya
U.S. Consulate General Istanbul - Chauffeur - Salary USD $10,253 U.S. Consulate General Istanbul Turkey 13-06-2021 Shared by: Hürkan Gökkaya
US Embassy Ankara - Salary: USD $16,108 US Embassy Ankara Turkey 27-01-2021 Shared by: Hürkan Gökkaya