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Things you should never do in Turkey? (Thanks Ankara Interlanguage Facebook Group)

  1. Don't think that Turks aren't drinking alcoholic beverages. You have to try Rakı
  2. Never go out without your id or passport
  3. Do not eat iskender kebab without tomato sauce
  4. Never try to find justice in traffic , just be calm and tolerant. Some meditation and breathing exercise helps a lot
  5. Never use "okey" sign in Turkey. It's gay sign
  6. Don't drink the tap water in big cities
  7. As a female, never wear something shorter than above the knee in a conservative neighborhood
  8. Never use cheap inter-city buses
  9. Never give attention to any stranger in the street , it would be a mafia.
  10. Don't assume that the otherwise luxurious long distance buses have toilets

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Where is the best place permanently to live in Turkey?

In my opinion... 
  • Kuşadası
  • Antalya
  • Mersin
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