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A. Project description

The project “Preventing, Identifying and Combating Trafficking in Persons in Turkey (P-TIP)” is designed to contribute to the further strengthening of the migration management capacity of the Directorate General for Migration Management (hereinafter: DGMM) of Turkey and the other relevant institutions in the country through enhancing their strategic and operational capacity in different areas of combating trafficking in human beings (THB). The strategic objective of the P-TIP project is to combat all forms of trafficking in persons, whether national or transnational. The project aims at preventing trafficking and increasing the protection of potential and actual victims of trafficking. In addition, this project aims to support the development of partnerships among state agencies and non-governmental organisations to enhance a more comprehensive anti-trafficking response in Turkey.
The P-TIP project is funded by the United Kingdom. The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is responsible for its management and implementation.

B. Background

ICMPD has been implementing projects in Turkey, focusing primarily on topics related to migration management, policy development and combating THB, but also providing support to the establishment and capacity development of DGMM and the other relevant institutions/organisations in the country.
Although Turkey has substantially reinforced the legal and institutional anti-trafficking framework, the current response needs to be further strengthened with regard to (a) increasing the capacities to prevent, identify and refer trafficking cases among newly recruited staff of relevant state agencies and (b) contributing substantially to raise the awareness of the general public on human trafficking and its risks. Based on the observations of ICMPD deriving from the previous implementation of the project ‘Preventing, Identifying and Combating Trafficking of Refugees in Turkey’ (PICTOR), as well as the input and recommendations of the relevant anti-trafficking stakeholders in Turkey, specifically DGMM, it was considered that the P-TIP project (as a follow up) will be very beneficial for enhancing the fight against human trafficking in general and also to ensure the sustainability of the outcomes of the PICTOR project. In this vein, P-TIP expands the scope of its action to a) actual and potential victims for all forms of trafficking in persons and b) targets a broader group of relevant governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations dealing with anti-trafficking issues.

C. List of key areas to be covered

Some of the specific areas that will be covered by the P-TIP project are as follows:

1. Strengthening the institutional framework and inter-agency cooperation on combating trafficking in human beings;
2. Development of effective anti-trafficking policies (review and recommendations on policy documents according to the international and national anti-trafficking and victim protection
instruments, training needs assessments, guidance for operational implementation of strategy documents);
3. Addressing human rights issues in all procedures related to trafficking in human beings with special focus on vulnerable groups;
4. Capacity building support (participation and intervention at the trainings and workshops tailored for specific target groups).
5. Development of communication campaigns and tools to raise awareness on the THB phenomenon, including development of a targeted dissemination strategy in order to ensure the broadest possible take-up of the information.

D. Short-Term Expert involvement

A number of short-term experts will be contracted to support ICMPD in providing technical assistance, conducting research and assessments, drafting reports, participation in expert consultations, workshops, trainings and seminars organised for DGMM staff as well as for the other relevant institutions/organisations in Turkey, related to the areas listed above.

E. Desired profile of experts

1. Practical and/or academic knowledge and experience in international and/or relevant national legal, policy and    institutional frameworks on human trafficking, migration, asylum and/or child protection
2. Experience in institutional development and capacity building,
3. Experience in developing working procedures, revision and developing of recommendations and internal procedures,
4. Experience in liaising with the national authorities;
5. Training and facilitation skills,
6. Excellent drafting skills,
7. Excellent oral and written English (knowledge of Turkish will be considered an asset);
8. Previous practical and/or academic experience and knowledge in the region and in countries of origin will be considered an asset.

F. Procedure for expression of interest

Experts interested to take part in the projects listed above, are kindly invited to apply through sending their updated CV and indicating their area of interest and specific project, to the following email address Experts' CVs will be added to the expert roster, which is an internal tool that will be used solely for the purpose of above project’s activities.
The CVs will be selected from the roster in order to facilitate a possible recruitment of experts on a short term basis as consultants to work on specific project activities. The exact duration of engagement will be determined separately for each activity.

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Deadline 01-06-2020
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