How can foreigners get HES code in Turkey?

It is mandatory for all passengers booked on domestic flights to have an HES code during the Covid-19 pandemic or until further notice.

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05-29-2020 15:50 Burcu Kıyar Gökkaya gave recommendation on Hürkan Gökkaya's question.
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  • You can download HES application and follow all instructions.
  • You can send sms to 2023. You need to type your ID number and document number.
  • If you have a work can ask a manager of your company to apply to get a HES code for you.
Thank you @liliya-sarbasova for help.

More details, you can read Everything about you need to know HES code in Turkey
06-07-2020 11:47 Daniel Laguna gave recommendation on Hürkan Gökkaya's question.
I just got mine by sending text to 2023 with HES nationality passport# year of birth and number of travel days.  For example HES USA 123456789 1965 30
This worked for me.  
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