Deadline 29-05-2020

ESC Call Steyr Austria 10 Months

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Project Dates : 07 September 2020 – 11 July 2021
Project Duration : 10 Months
Project Venue : Steyr (Austria)
Number Of Volunteer : 1 (One)
Sending Organization : Pi Youth Association (Pi Gençlik Derneği) – Turkey
Application Deadline : 29 May 2020 untill 23.00
Subject of E-mail : “ESC-095 Avusturya”

Project Description
During the opening times the volunteer will be present in the youth centre with the
youth leaders. The main task is “being there” for the young people. Eg. Playing table
tennis, offering them a cup of tea, cooking together, giving them the opportunity to talk
about what goes on in their life, motivating them to try out new things, games, activities.
Beside that he/she will help the youth leaders to organise different projects, events
(like excursions to interesting places, creativity workshops, intercultural cooking
evenings, etc.) He/She will have the chance to bring in his/her own personality and
culture. Depending on the skills and preferences of the volunteer he/s will be
contributing what he/she can/wants to offer. Eg. Organising music workshops, a
personal blog, creative decoration for the youth centre, designing flyers for the
homepage etc. But also use his/her cultural background for a project, like an
international evening.

Accommodation, Food and Transport Arrangements
Travel costs to Austria and return up to 300,- Euros (or 400,- if the distance is more
than 2000 km) will be covered. The volunteer will be accommodated in a student hall
in which mostly students of the University of Applied Science are living. There are
Austrian and foreign students accommodated so it will be a good opportunity to get to
know other people with the same age in Steyr. The room is a single room with private
bathroom. There is a shared kitchen. The volunteer can also use the kitchen in the
youth centre. The volunteer will get a monthly sum (240,- Euros) for self-catering. All
important localities (town centre, youth centre, train station, etc.) are within 15 min
walk. Also a bicycle wil be provided. Additionally the volunteer will get 150,- Euros
pocket money per month. Payment of the money as wished in cash or bank transfer.

Training During The Project
Next to the obligatory On Arrival and Mid Term training organised by the National
agency the volunteer will join the team meetings and supervision. The volunteer will
also join us to our regular networking and retraining meetings with youth leaders from
other youth centres. If there are good offers (eg from local organisations or from the
county) he/she will also have the chance to go on special trainings (e.g. first aid or
working with minorities etc.) if wanted. A language course will also be provided.
Depending of the language level and the interest of the volunteer it will be in an
education institute in a group or private teacher. The volunteer will also have a mentor
which is not part of the organisation with whom he/she will meet regularly to reflect the
project process.

Volunteer Profile
As our target group are youngsters between 13 and 19 we would like the volunteers to
be at least 20 years old when they start the ESC project. The volunteer should be open
minded and interested in the life environment of young people, knowing that it can
sometimes be a challenge being confronted with their lives and dealing with their
questions. Ability for team-work and holding agreements is important. The volunteer
should be eager to bring in his/her own ideas and abilities and to learn new abilities.

Participants With Fewer Opportunities
• This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young
people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or
• Other experience, infrastructure and resources: We have experiences with
Volunteers from difficult economically and social backgrounds. Our experience
is that if a youngster is motivated and sincere the background that he/she comes
from is not such a big obstacle. We are part of a network of social institutions in
Steyr that can support us if needed.

How can you apply?
Please send Europass CV (in English), Motivation Letter (in English) and dont forget to write subject of e-mail. There is
information below.

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Deadline 29-05-2020
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