What are the apps you use for learning a language?

04-15-2020 06:31 Hürkan Gökkaya gave recommendation on Aytuğ Çolak's question.
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When i was preparing for IELTS , i found nice apps developed by British Council. Different apps for listening, grammar and exams.
For example:
03-20-2021 22:02 Adem Tepe gave recommendation on Aytuğ Çolak's question.
I am using Mondly. It is an app where you can take daily quizzes freely. And if you pay, you can also study many lessons. You can do these for - I suppose - 33 languages. Translation for some languages (like Japanese) are not very accurate but it is a useful app.

Beside this app that I have been using for long time, I have downloaded an app called Cake. It is an app from Turkey and as I've seen it basically focuses on confusions or misusages. So I haven't used a lot but I have a feeling that I'm going to like it.
09-02-2020 22:31 abdisamad ali gave recommendation on Aytuğ Çolak's question.
I  have found this app usefull.
learn languages,reading side by side with audio! Spanish,German,French and many more.
 The app is called beelinuapp, you can find in both app sorte and play store, 
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