Recommendations for best Asian restaurants in Ankara

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03-20-2021 22:07 Adem Tepe gave recommendation on Burak Ertuğrul's question.
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It may not be the best fit for "asian" restaurant but I have discovered that there are some Uygur restaurants in the center of Ankara, around Kızılay.

I have tried the one in Kurtuluş which is called "Urumçi Uygur Restaurant" and I have liked it! I think it is kind of a mix between middle asian and asian (especially Chinese) cuisine.
05-07-2020 02:31 Hürkan Gökkaya gave recommendation on Burak Ertuğrul's question.
GOP Sushico is nice... and there is a new restaurant China Bloom in Maidan. They have very good promotions.
I don't like Quick China because in my opinion their prices are too expensive.
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