NATO - Young Scientist Internship Programme

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Primary Location
 Italy-La Spezia
Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE)
  Euro (EUR) Yearly

CMRE Young Scientist Internship Programme

Grade: No Grade

Contractual Arrangement: Intern

Contract Duration: Internship will last 6 months. Shorter periods will only be possible in exceptional cases. The internship might be extended for another 6 months.

Interns are not directly linked to recruitment but may however be recruited after completing their internship, as long as the conditions and rules established for employment in the category of staff in which he/she will be recruited have been fully respected and applied.

Job Posting: 10 July 2020 – 31 August 2020

Location: La Spezia (Italy)

Organization: Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE)

Schedule: Full-time


You are applying to the generic CMRE Internship roster. CMRE will contact only suitable candidates. In completing your profile, you will be able to choose from the following disciplines:

• Physical Oceanography and Environmental acoustics
• Engineering (environmental, information, electronic)
• Applied mathematics
• Computer Sciences


CMRE is an established, world-class scientific research and experimentation facility that organizes and conducts scientific research and technology development, centred on the maritime domain, delivering innovative and field tested Science & Technology (S&T) solutions to address defence and security needs of the Alliance.
The Internship is within the Research Division (RD), which is responsible for identifying, developing and delivering Science & Technology (S&T) solutions to the needs of the Alliance in the maritime domain.
The Division leads the development of CMRE’s scientific strategy and through its capability in ocean sensing, numerical modelling, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and autonomy, delivers the Centre's S&T goals while maintaining CMRE’s reputation within the scientific community.

The Research Division is comprised of the 5 following sections:

• Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW)
• Mine Countermeasures (MCM)
• Environmental Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness (EKOE)
• Data Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness (DKOE)
• Maritime Unmanned Systems Enablers (MUSE)

The CMRE Internship Programme has 4 objectives:

• To contribute to creating a more diverse workforce of young scientists encouraging the research division to take on interns of different nationalities and gender in order to provide the CMRE with a more diverse pool of potential future job applicants;
• To provide young scientists with an opportunity to learn from CMRE and NATO and get a thorough understanding and balanced view of the CMRE and NATO;
• To provide CMRE with the latest scientific knowledge that the intern can apply trough practical work assignments;
• To expand the understanding of CMRE in Alliance countries, university and other institutions by having young scientists return to their countries and/or universities or other institutions after completing the internship and share their experience.


Under the supervision of a Programme Manager or Project Leader, Interns are assigned to a project based on agreed terms of reference and in line with their skills set. These terms of references typically include some of the following responsibilities:

• Participate in research projects or conduct an adequate research project
• Undertake data collection on specific subject area
• Design experiments, analyze results and formulate hypotheses
• Process, analyze and organize data and documents
• Participate in the development of research papers
• Assist in drafting of research papers
• Assist in workshops, meeting and conferences at CMRE


• Application is limited to nationals of NATO member States
• Candidates must be at least 21 to apply for the Programme. The Programme is only open to undergraduate students or recent graduates (degree obtained not more than 24 months prior to the application date)
• Candidates must have at least two years of university level studies or equivalent in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
• Proficiency in English
• Knowledge of commonly used computer programmes (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and technical calculus software (e.g. Python or MATLAB) is essential.
• Knowledge of programming languages (e.g. FORTRAN) is an advantage.
• Knowledge or interest in the following methods:
  • Coupled and uncoupled numerical models
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Advanced Data fusion methodologies
  • Applied robotics and autonomous navigation
  • Big Data analytics
  • Modelling and Simulations
  • Signal processing
  • Underwater communication

• Analysing

Gaining insight into cause and effect relations by assessing the available information in a critical and rational matter and by differentiating the essential from the incidental.

• Structuring work

Adding structure to a multitude of different tasks by making a priority list and completing the list efficiently within the given time-frame.

• Co-operating

Creating and encouraging team spirit by sharing one’s own opinion and ideas, by identifying oneself with the common goals, and by reconciling disputes with colleagues.

• Developing oneself

Actively planning and managing one’s personal growth in accordance with capabilities, personal interests and ambitions by critically assessing one’s own performance and continuously acquiring new insights.

• Coping

Responding calmly to frustrations, obstacles and opposition, controlling one’s emotions and responding to criticism in a constructive way, while keeping the objectives in mind.

• Engaging

Fully dedicating oneself to one’s work by always giving the best of oneself and by striving for quality. Showing perseverance even when confronted with frustrations, opposition, pressure or the need for attention to detail.


• Please note that internships at CMRE are very competitive and only a small number of applicants will be accepted. Only successful candidates will be contacted.
• Finding accommodation in the area will be the intern’s responsibility and the cost will be borne by the intern.
• Interns are paid a monthly stipend. Interns who are full time undergraduate students will receive a monthly stipend of € 1.000. Interns who hold a University Degree (Bachelor or Master Degree), will receive a stipend equal to the salary of a grade B1 step 1. Interns who hold a Ph.D will receive a stipend equal to the salary of a grade A1 step 1. Salary value as per 2020. Subject to future adjustments in accordance with North Atlantic Council decision.
• The stipend is not exempt from taxation. Interns may receive emoluments from outside sources (such as scholarships or grants).
• Following confirmation of the internship and prior to departure of the intern, the CMRE Travel Office will book the most economic rail/air travel to/from CMRE. Mileage to/from CMRE will be paid consistent with Council-approved rates, up to the ceiling of the most economic travel by rail/air.
• Interns will keep the same hours of work, which is defined as 37.5 hours per week, and have the same official public holidays as CMRE.
• Interns shall be entitled to leave (including sick leave). Leave accumulates at the rate of 2.5 working days for every full month of employment. The total of 15 days per six month internship period can be taken at any time, up to a maximum of half of the leave may be taken at the end of the internship. Any accumulated leave not taken during the contractual period will not be paid.
• Interns are responsible for their own health and accident insurance. The CMRE can assist in purchasing coverage for medical and accidents insurance during the period of their internship.
• Participation in an internship is subject to receipt of NATO security clearance from the intern’s national authorities. NATO Secret security clearance is the minimum requirement and the cost of obtaining such clearance is usually borne by the relevant Nation. Interns may join CMRE only after the necessary clearance is obtained. In order to ensure proper attitude and behaviour, and to make interns aware of the different security regulations regarding their internship, a mandatory security briefing will be arranged and conducted by the CMRE Security Office during the first week of the internship.


• Online application
• Pre-screening Video Interview
• Digital interview with HR
• Digital interview with selection board

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