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NATO Staff Assistant (Crypto)

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The NAEW&C Force is a unique organisation operating as a multi-national fully integrated Air Force, with responsibilities of a Sending State and Force Provider. The Base Support Wing is responsible for the effective operation of all E-3A peculiar Main Operating Base (MOB) support functions including the supervision of those covered in the Host Nation Support Agreements. The Crypto Support Section provided cryptographic hardware/software and services for air and ground operations to include the orderly management, handling, control, documentation and accounting. The incumbent is involved in the entire work spectrum of technical support and control activities for the Section assigned ground Crypto equipment. Routinely provides maintenance, management, accounting and control of all crypto equipment installed at NAEW&C including associated software and is responsible for custody, safeguarding and destruction. Assists in executing the Cryptographic Security function and serves as the alternate Crypto Custodian and Equipment Manager for all ground related Cryptographic Equipment.


The incumbent's duties are:
  • Serving as alternate Crypto Custodian managing and maintaining ground Crypto equipment spare parts and supply bench stock for the entire NAEW&C, including Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and Forward Operating Location (FOL), and other deployed locations;
  • Serving as Property Accounting Officer (PAO) for all ground related and NATO funded cryptographic equipment;
  • Establishing and conducting an active preventive maintenance programme for assigned cryptographic equipment;
  • Maintaining a database for crypto equipment including spare parts;
  • Performing limited maintenance and technical assistance for ground crypto equipment in accordance with allied devices including IP-encryption;
  • Performing operational checks and troubleshooting on ground crypto equipment, including IP-encryption devices in accordance with Military Security Maintenance Publications and Limited Maintenance Manuals;
  • Implementing cannibalization procedures for COMSEC items after coordination/approval of NATO INFOSEC Assurance Technical Center (NiATC) / NATO Communication Information Agency (NCIA);
  • Exchanging unserviceable crypto parts and supply items at the appropriate agencies;
  • Preparing and submitting reports of surveys for lost or damaged crypto items/material;
  • Providing budgetary, logistics and technical advice/assistance (including contractor logistics support) for all NATO funded ground crypto equipment;
  • Providing liaison with various survey teams as and when required;
  • Serving as member of the no-lone zone team, ensuring regulatory requirements are met;
  • Assisting in COMSEC inspection and investigation activities;
  • Performing crypto courier duties to deployed locations and serving as hand-receipt holder at the deployed locations;
  • Providing operational crypto support to all NAEW&C organizations, including support for contingency operations on a 24 hours/7days/week basis, for extended timeframe;
  • Ordering office equipment/supply material via appropriate base supply channels;
  • Providing technical advice to FOBs/FOL and other deployed locations on malfunctioning crypto equipment;
  • Assisting in the modernization and control of crypto equipment;
  • Performing and responsible for accounting all crypto equipment and keying material with the COMSEC Accounting, Reporting and Distribution System (CARDS) database;
  • Maintaining the NATO Electronic Key Management System (NEKMS) when operated;
  • Taking part in the IT/CIS flight or providing support for operations and exercise, audits, inspections and Technical Support Visits (TSV) to the FOBs/FOL and other deployed locations;

  • Higher Secondary education and intermediate vocational training in information security, computer science or related discipline  which might lead to a formal qualification with 2 years experience, or a Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training in that discipline leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 4 years post related experience;
  • NCISS-067 COMSEC Systems Engineering - NATO CIS School (or equivalent)
  • CII-IA-2-4 NATO Cryptographic Custodian - NATO CIS School (or equivalent)
  • NCISS-006 NATO Crypto Custodian and CARDS - NATO CIS School (or equivalent)
  • The work, both oral and written, in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English, therefore adequate knowledge of English is essential;
  • Additionally, the knowledge of host nation language is required;
  • Adequate Standard Automatic Data Processing knowledge is essential
  • Professional telecommunications background;
  • Familiarity with the current TEMPEST procedures and regulations and with courier, customs and national/NATO shipping requirements for classified/crypto controlled items;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Previous NATO assignment;
  • Experience working in an international/military environment;
  • Higher Secondary education and completed higher vocational training in cryptographic communication systems maintenance/engineering or in a related field, or Secondary education and completed appropriate advanced vocational training with at least 2 additional years post related, current professional experience.

Serving civilian members of NATO will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations. Newly recruited staff will be initially offered a definite duration contract of two years. The definite duration contract may be extended for another period of one year. Thereafter, an indefinite duration contract might be offered.


Salary value indicated in this vacancy notice is based on the new Single Salary Spine scale taking effect in 2021. Any employment contract starting before 01 January 2021 falls under the scope of the current salary scale.

  • Excellent tax free salary, including (where eligible) expatriation, family and children's allowance and additional privileges for expatriate staff;
  • Education allowance for children (where appropriate) and an excellent private health insurance scheme;
  • Generous annual leave and home leave (if eligible)
  • Retirement pension plan.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications, the pre-screening might take up to two months. We appreciate your patience.
Additional Information
  • Grade: B.4
  • Post Number: OEW SCN 0720
  • Pay Basis: Monthly
  • Minimum Salary: Euro (EUR) 4,136.57

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